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I filed for Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation and was denied because I did not suffer physical injury. However, I did suffer a disruption of my wages due to administrative policy beyond my control. George was persistent and submitted an appeal, and I was awarded compensation. He was competent and knowledgeable and didn't quit. He also treated me like my situation was important to him. Very professional.
- Anonymous from Avvo
I have know Mr. Mineff since 1984 the year he began to practice law and I can say with complete honesty that he is the best attorney I have ever known. He was always kind, considerate and caring while still maintaining the professionalism he has come to be known for. After 27 years I still speak to him occasionally just see how he is doing and to let him know what a difference he made in my life. We need more like him!
- Jackie from Avvo
Straightforward professional and supportive.
- Monica M. from Google
Great people who are very helpful.
- Anonymous from Google
Great lawyer.
- John B. from Google
The best traffic lawyer in Greater Cleveland area. He is been helping me and my friends/family for years. Thanks George.
- Anonymous from Google
Very professional. Straight to the point and very easy to contact and communicate with. Thanks George!
- Amber S. from Google
George and his son Nick are exceptional attorneys. I can't express in words how much gratitude I have for their patience and compassion towards injured workers combined with their vast knowledge of workers comp injury laws. They always find time to talk to you the same day you call and/or they return your call immediately. They provide answers and legal guidance with no fees until you win. Top notch. I would recommend this father - son team. Their assistant Mary is great to deal with too as well as very knowledgable!
- Treasa K. from Google
I have known George for 28 years hasn't change in his services with me. He's a class act, straight shooter, tells you like it is. He has my full support and I'm referring my three daughters to him.

My oldest already it's establishing herself with his son Nick. Amazing who would of thought that two second generations would be doing business.

Thank you George for all your years of service.
- David R.F. from Google
Personal injury workers comp he is the best. Friend and dependable fights for everyone.
- Dave P. from Google
Always keeps you informed and advised. Fights the best fight and wins!
- Robert C. from Google
Awesome at what they do! Very welcoming and tentative.
- Amber W. from Google
I've used Mr. Mineff a couple of times to represent me and have walked away with being 100% satisfied. He is very professional and personable.
- Tunisia B. from Google
George's office is one of the best around.
- Antonio G. from Google
George Mineff is an outstanding lawyer! He is very personable and professional. George and his team worked hard through my complex settlement case and achieved great results.
- Hemza A. from Google

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“George and his son Nick are exceptional attorneys. I can't express in words how much gratitude I have for their patience and compassion…”
- T. Kennedy, Google Review