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How to Take Car Accident Aftermath Photos

By Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on April 30, 2023

Man photographing his vehicle damages with smart phone

A car accident – even a minor fender bender – is shocking and frightening. The first action to take is to seek emergency medical care if any individual in either vehicle has been injured, by calling 911. When the police arrive, be respectful and honest in answering questions, without admitting fault – leave the accident investigation up to the professionals.

Being compensated for your losses can become complex when the other party’s insurance company contests a claim. One of the most effective ways to ensure the claims process can be resolved with less stress and cost is to take pictures at the scene of the accident. Use your phone to take as many images as possible – more is better. The areas to photograph include:

  • The scene of the accident: Take images of the vehicles involved from various angles, and from a distance.
  • Your own vehicle: Ensure you have many images of your own vehicle and the damage to it.
  • Other vehicles: Take photos of the exteriors of any other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Skid marks: Photos of any skid marks on the road, close up and from a distance to show orientation can be helpful.
  • Injuries: Take photos of any injuries you sustained in the collision. Continue to take pictures in the days ahead while the injuries heal to show the progression.
  • Debris: Photos of debris on the roadway can be helpful in supporting your claim.
  • Road conditions: Take photos of the road conditions at the time of the collision, such as wet or uneven pavement, or other factors that may have contributed to the accident.
  • Traffic signals and signs: Photos of any signage or traffic signals could prove to be relevant evidence in a personal injury case.
  • Security cameras: If any security cameras are visible near the scene of the accident, take a photo so that any video footage can be accessed that could reveal even more about how the accident occurred.

It is of utmost importance that photos are taken immediately after the accident, as road and weather conditions will change, with visible skid marks, broken glass, and debris now cleared away. Most people carry a cell phone, the ideal device for taking pictures after an accident.

How to Take Pictures at Night and in Rough Weather

Most smartphones can create excellent pictures, day or night. The phone has a flash feature to capture images in less than ideal situations. If the accident occurred during a rainstorm or snowstorm, take pictures of standing water, snow, or ice on the roadway, snowbanks, or other weather issues that could have played a role in the collision.

Your first inclination after a car accident may not be to pull out your phone take pictures, but if not seriously injured and requiring emergency medical care, the photos could be critical evidence to support your claim for compensation, particularly if the circumstances surrounding the collision are challenged and you are accused of being partially or fully responsible for the crash. When you have the opportunity, ensure your photos are backed up on the cloud so they can be accessed in the future.

Emergency Medical Care

You may not feel that you need medical attention and are not injured. In fact, many car accident injuries are not evident immediately – even some that are life-threatening, such as a closed-head injury, which may not be visible but is extremely dangerous. The body releases adrenaline in an accident, which can camouflage pain.

Within a day or two, you may be struggling with unbearable pain, bruises, headaches, and may be unable to work due. Whether you believe you need it or not, have a full medical assessment as soon as possible. Inform the doctor that you were in a car accident, so this fact is documented on your medical report. Follow the treatment advice from the doctor and keep a written record regarding your condition.

Call a Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer for Help.

After a car accident that involved injuries, a Cleveland auto accident lawyer from George Mineff, Jr., Attorney at Law, can offer legal guidance regarding pursuing justice and full compensation for all damages, and will seek the maximum possible, based on the facts in the case. For a free case consultation, call (216) 621-3930.

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