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What To Know About So-Called “Black Boxes” in Large Trucks

By Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on December 15, 2023

A mechanic looking under the hood of a semi truck.

Large truck accidents can have severe consequences, often leading to significant injuries and property damage. Understanding the role of electronic control modules (ECMs), commonly referred to as “black boxes,” is vital in these incidents. A truck’s black box can significantly impact a personal injury claim by providing important data about the vehicle’s actions and conditions leading up to an accident.

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Why Proper Large Truck Braking Practices Are So Important

By Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on July 15, 2023

Heavy truck steep hill hairpin

For truck drivers, correct downhill braking practices are crucial. Trucks take longer to stop than passenger cars due to their size and weight. If a truck is following too closely or driving at an unsafe speed, it could affect its ability to stop in time, resulting in a potentially fatal collision. There are many factors involved in truck accidents related to braking downhill. In addition to driver error, the brakes may not be properly maintained, or there may be an air-brake failure.

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Large Truck Blind Spots and the Accidents They Cause

By Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on June 15, 2023

Grill of a blue big rig focused on the large mirror.

Every vehicle on the road has blind spots, but the blind spots on a large truck are substantially more dangerous. When truck drivers are negligent and fail to check their blind spots, it can result in serious, catastrophic, or fatal injuries. Survivors of these terrible accidents may not be able to recover from their injuries, requiring ongoing care and treatment. If you were injured in a Cleveland truck accident associated with a truck’s blind spots, you could pursue compensation by filing a personal injury claim.

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