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Construction Accidents

Heavy Machinery and the Construction Site Dangers They Cause

By Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on March 15, 2024

A Road Roller truck on a freshly poured asphalt highway.

Construction workers and others who work with heavy machinery helped build this country and continue to help keep things running smoothly today. Heavy machinery makes holes in solid surfaces, flattens asphalt, lifts people and equipment, mixes and pours cement, and cuts through almost anything. However, workers can suffer catastrophic injuries when heavy machinery is broken, misused, or poorly maintained.

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The Most Common Causes of Construction Site Falls

By Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on May 22, 2023

Construction worker in a hard hat is on the ground after falling

America was built by construction workers. Every structure you see in Ohio was put together and maintained by people working in the building trades.

Construction work is difficult and dangerous. That’s why OSHA has strict codes to protect construction workers from harm. When building companies cut corners and violate the law, people get hurt.

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